In brief about what is "Clean Games" and what tasks it can solve for the company

"Clean Games" is an environmental and educational project that allows participants to contribute to the protection of the environment and learn the basics of waste sorting. The key idea is a non-standard method of education of people of all ages — through games. Participants immediately see the result of their efforts: a lot of garbage bags collected in a short time. Thus we embody in form of a game real activity aimed at bringing benefits to nature and educate people about pollution problems and waste management.
At our games, people clean polluted territories creating game strategies and competing with other teams. Teams pick up garbage and get points for it (when bring full bags to the special storage-tent). Bags with separated garbage (plastic, glass etc.) brings more points than mixed trash. Subsequently, it is recycled. Finally the team that collects more trash gets more points and wins. To enhance the gaming component, and empower participants to show their personal qualities, we introduce special tasks. For example check-ins (location mark on the Internet) with photo of cleaned sites, photohunt, riddles, searching among the trash some unusual objects, "artifacts". The whole event takes 2-3 hours and takes place in one day.
What issues can be solved "clean game" in terms of goals and objectives for employees of the same company:

  1. Team building. Players participate in teams (in one team from 2 to 4 people). They have the ultimate goal in the final time — to get the best possible result in the ranking of teams.
    All together participants make noticeable good deed, for 2 hours 100 people within a game can collect up to 5 tons of garbage (500 hundreds of 120-liter bags). Employees of the company do good deeds in the framework of a corporate event.
  2. Our game is strategic, the participants choose their own strategy: they choose what kind of garbage and where to collect (different type of garbage gives different number of points. For the bag of mixed trash we give 2 points, for bag of plastic waste - 7 points, glass - 6 points, and so on) to get the best result. The points can be used for the "purchase" of inventory, which improves the result (for example, for 5 points you can buy a cart on which to carry the bags of garbage).
  3. In the game there are "artifacts" found among the garbage unusual items for which you can get some extra of points. For this purpose it is necessary to "prove" to the garbage receiver their originality. It stimulates creativity and improves the skill of negotiating.
  4. Good deed for nature and people is can be an information occasion to show the corporate social responsibility of the company. This can be published in their social networks with photos and videos from the event

After the game, you can establish the supervision of this place in partnership with the local administration and other businesses to preserve the effects of cleaning, and to attract to this your employees on a long-term basis.