Organize your game

Anyone can organize their Clean Games. We will help you at all stages. There are four formats of Games - from simple to complex. We have different requirements for different formats. Depending on your own courage and responsibility, you can choose one of the formats and organize a very simple game for your friends and acquaintances, or a whole festival, which is not ashamed to invite the Governor.

Requirements Small Standard Large Maximum
Participants up to 50 50-100 100-200 до 300
Use of Clean Games brand yes yes yes yes
Use the website and mobile application yes yes yes yes
Organize separate garbage collection yes yes yes yes
Prizes for winners yes yes yes yes
Dry toilet (or chemical) no yes yes yes
Professional photographer no yes yes yes
Picnic for participants after the game no yes yes yes
The tents of the headquarters for the organizers and participants no no yes yes
Professional host and DJ no no yes yes
Professional cameraman on event and video published after game no no yes yes
Stage (podium) no no no yes
Transfer of participants no no no yes
Quadrotor filming no no no yes

Once you have decided on the format, contact our coordinator Ekaterina by email or Facebook - and we will help you to organize the game.

1. We give detailed manual: how to organize the Game

We will give you documents, where you will find descriptions on:

  • The scenario of the game, detailed rules
  • How to choose the venue for the Game, attract funding, work with partners, volunteers, media
  • Instructions for maintaining the group on Facebook with a detailed media plan
  • How to use the cleangames.ru website during games, keep track of garbage and competitions ranking online
  • Preparation of the event
    • Game headquarters plan and equipment list
    • Examples of all printing materials and brand book
    • Check lists for the whole team: who does what and at what moment at the event

2. Clean Games app for Android / iOS

Clean Games mobile application and website is a whole IT platform that allows you to make the competition exciting and modern. The system allows:

  • To register participants of the game (through Facebook or without it), form and count teams
  • Maintain and watch online rating of competition. During the event volunteers count trash bags and input data to the game system, so we can watch which team how much garbage collected
  • With mobile app players can make “check in” - photos of collected garbage with GPS tag, and so earn extra points
  • After the game there are available detailed statistics of how much waste of each type was collected

3. World network of organizers

We have community of organizers from different countries: Russia, Ukraina, India, Nigeria, China, Spain, Germany, Moldavia, Uganda, Malawi, Japan, Serbia, Panama, Dominican and other

4. Support

  • Advisory assistance (we answer your questions, suggest, help)
  • We can write official letters on behalf of our organization to ask your local authorities to support your events or to invite them to Clean Games

What we expect from you

1. No policy

On the Clean Games we do not allow any political symbolism or political slogans. In our experience there have been such cases: people came dressed in jackets during the game they took off it and there were t-shirts with party logo, they began to take photos in it. We try to stop this.

2. The use of the brand «Clean Games»

We ask you to put on all printed and distributed materials our logo. Graphic materials for the event should be made in accordance with the brandbook of Clean Games.

If you hold an event without first informing us about it, you are not allowed to use any materials found in the public domain (rules, logos, game elements, project name, etc.). The rules of Clean games and brand name are protected by copyright.

3. Photos from the event

There must be a photographer at the event. (There is a special editorial task).

We usually ask you to send few good photos in the day of the game. And make a post with photos in social networks. Further, all photographs must be published in social media.

4. Disposal of waste after the game

Removal of collected garbage should be done on the day of the game, maximum the next day. If you take out later, then to the left bags local holidaymakers throw in more bags, someone take a photo, put in social network and scandal will begin. This should be avoided.

Separately collected waste must be disposed of by the sorter or processor. Mixed waste must be disposed of at a legal landfill.

There can be such situation that on the game players get extra points for separately collected waste, but later all this waste goes just to the landfill (if there is no sorter or processor in your region). In this case, be sure to inform everyone in an open form that the garbage is collected separately exclusively for gaming and educational purposes, and that it is taken out to the general landfill.

5. Sponsors and financing

We will share with you our experience and tell you how to attract funding for Clean Games. However you are expected to be initiative and try to arrange it on your own.

Most of our events are held on a non-commercial basis. However, there is experience of Clean Games to order as a corporate party. In case of your commercial Clean Games, we ask you to pay a fee for the use of the brand and methodology. The contribution by agreement. Commercial games are games that you play on the order of one or more companies, or for employees of your company.

Contact our coordinator Ekaterina by email or Facebook - and we will help you to organize the game.

Regional contacts

In social nets Name City / Region Contacts
Victoria Ioffe Region games organiser,
distribution of "Clean Games" manual
Dmitry Ioffe Project manager +79213205520